The Bespoke ConCierge Club



Four Personalized Design Consultations

With The Bespoke Concierge Club membership, you'll have the opportunity to schedule FOUR virtual, or over the phone personalized design consultations with experienced interior designers throughout the YEAR. Whether you're seeking advice on space planning, color schemes, furniture selection, or decor ideas, we are here to provide expert guidance and inspiration to help bring your vision to life.


Discounts on Furniture Brands 

As a member of The Bespoke Concierge Club, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts on a curated selection of top furniture brands. From luxury furnishings to high-quality pieces at affordable prices, our partnerships with leading manufacturers ensure that you have access to the best products at discounted rates, making it easier than ever to furnish your space in style.


Personalized Ordering

 Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping for furniture and decor online. With our personalized ordering service, our team will handle the entire purchasing process on your behalf. Simply let us know your Furniture preferences. We'll take care of everything—from  placing the orders and coordinating deliveries, ensuring a stress-free and streamlined shopping experience tailored to your needs.


Returns & Logistics

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? No problem. As a member of The Bespoke Concierge Club, you'll enjoy personalized returns assistance, making it easy to exchange or return items that don't meet your expectations. Our team will handle all the logistics, including coordinating pickups and processing returns, so you can shop with confidence knowing that we've got you covered.


Personalized Sample Ordering

 Members can explore a curated selection of materials, fabrics, paints, and product prototypes from top suppliers and manufacturers. Whether you're considering different color schemes, textures, or finishes, ordering samples allows you to see and feel the materials firsthand before making a final decision.

A Modern Content Solution for Modern Challenges

 Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating the design process alone and hello to a world of luxury and convenience. We're here to simplify the design process and turn your vision into reality. 

Looking to transform your space into a haven of style and comfort? The Bespoke Concierge Club is your solution. Whether you're embarking on a full-scale renovation or simply seeking to refresh your home decor, our membership program offers the perfect solution for  you. With personalized service, access to exclusive discounts, and expert guidance along  the way for the YEAR!

that's where we come in.

How    Works


Membership Enrollment

Sign-Up: Join The Bespoke Concierge Club by clicking "JOIN NOW ". Complete our online enrollment form.
Membership Confirmation: Receive confirmation of your membership along with your unique member ID.

Initial Consultation

Schedule Consultation: Contact our team to schedule your initial 30 min consultation.
Design Advice: Receive personalized design advice, furniture recommendations, and space planning tips from our experts.

Sample Ordering

Request Samples: Explore a curated selection of materials, finishes, and products by ordering samples through our concierge service.

Discounted Brand Access

Product Ordering

Delivery and Installation

Ongoing Support

Brand Discounts: Gain access to exclusive discounts on selected furniture brands for product ordering. Discounts can range from 10-30% depending on brand.

Ordering Assistance: Let us handle the ordering process, Once you've selected your products for purchase, we coordinate deliveries, ensuring a seamless experience.

Timely Delivery: Receive your ordered items promptly, with our team managing the logistics to ensure timely delivery.
Installation Support: If needed, we can provide guidance or connect you with professionals for installation assistance.

Member Assistance: Throughout your membership, receive ongoing support and assistance from our dedicated team.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our services and are here to address any questions or concerns.


Armadillo Collections are handmade by true artisans, keeping an ancient lineage of craftsmanship alive. Each Armadillo rug is exquisite, exuding a nuance of colour, texture and composition that lends our range its breadth and timelessness.

lulu & Georgia 

At Lulu and Georgia, you'll find exclusive designer collaborations, uniquely curated collections, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to bring your home to life.


Serving a community of designers, decorators, and homebodies; people who care deeply about objects acquired for their home—from the materials we source to the textures we develop.


Ready to elevate your design experience with exclusive perks and personalized service? Join The Bespoke Concierge Club today and unlock a world of luxury and convenience. Let's transform your design dreams into reality together. Sign up now!