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How it works

the design Process 

At Hunter hue  we believe in not just designing spaces but understanding your unique home design challenges and resolving them with expertise and creativity. Our dedicated team excels at turning design problems into stunning solutions.

Attention to Details and Tailored Designs

Our well structured design process takes the stress out of renovations and ensures your project runs smoothly from concept to completion. 

At Hunter hue  we understand that many individuals face a common challenge when it comes to designing their spaces. It’s not just about making a room look beautiful; it’s about creating an environment that truly reflects your personality and enhances your daily life.

that's where we come in.

How    Works


Initial Consultation

The process begins with a meeting. This can be in person or virtual. We listen to your vision, needs, and objectives for the space. This is a crucial step to grasp your design preferences and expectations. And if we are a good fit. 

Research + Strategy

 Budget Discussion: We will discuss the budget for the project and determine what is feasible.
Design Concept: After gathering information during the consultation, we'll create a design concept or proposal. This includes a mood board, color schemes, and initial ideas for the space.


Construction and Installation: If there are structural changes or renovations involved, the construction phase begins. This can include the installation of new fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and more. Decorating and Styling: We will work  on the aesthetic aspects, including arranging furniture, selecting and hanging art, and adding decorative elements.

Completion and Support

Quality Control: We conduct inspections to ensure that all work meets design standards and quality requirements. Any necessary adjustments will be  made.
 Client Approval: You will be presented with the completed project for approval. Any final adjustments are made to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

 Maintenance: We offer post-project support, providing advice on maintenance and ongoing care for the space.

Design Planning 

 Space Planning: We develop a floor plan that optimizes the layout of the space, ensuring it aligns with your goals for functionality and flow. Material and Product Selection: The selection of materials, furnishings, fixtures, and finishes is a crucial part of this phase. We'll present options and collaborate with you to make selections.

Budget and Porcurment

Budget Finalization: The budget is further detailed and refined to accommodate the chosen design elements. Procurement: Once the budget is finalized, we then proceed to source and purchase the chosen materials and furnishings.

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